PHLASH service has ended and will resume Spring 2024.

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Service Q & A

COVID-19 Health Requirement

In accordance with federal mandate, PHLASH requires proper wearing of face masks at all times, when on public transit. Failure to comply could result in denial of boarding or removal and may result in federal penalties. This mandate is part of an ongoing effort by local, state, and federal authorities to reduce the spread of COVID-19 when riding on a public transit vehicles, including PHLASH. Please practice social distancing when waiting to board a vehicle at a PHLASH Stop and observe seat barrier decals and all posted rules inside PHLASH vehicles. Please respect vehicle capacity limits as communicated by PHLASH drivers at all times.

What is the Philly PHLASH® Downtown Loop?

The Philly PHLASH® Downtown Loop is a seasonal transit program managed by the Philadelphia Visitors Center Corporation. The PHLASH is the most affordable and convenient way for visitors to get around Philadelphia, with 19 stops located near popular attractions, from the Delaware River Waterfront to Fairmount Park. The PHLASH provides weekend service (Friday – Sunday) in the Fall and Spring; and daily service in the Summer and over the Holidays. There is no service on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. In 2022, weekend service runs from April 29 – May 27; September 9 – December 30. Daily service runs May 27 – September 5. The PHLASH operates from 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m., providing service to each stop every 15 minutes.

Is the PHLASH a guided sightseeing tour?

The PHLASH provides a convenient and affordable way for visitors to navigate Philadelphia, but it is NOT a narrated or guided sightseeing tour.

How long has the PHLASH been in operation?

Former Pennsylvania governor and two-time Mayor of Philadelphia Edward G. Rendell first introduced the Philly PHLASH Downtown Loop™ in 1994. The Philadelphia Visitors Center Corporation began managing the PHLASH in 2012.

How much is the PHLASH? Do passes need to be purchased in advance?

The PHLASH is only $2 per ride, or $5 for a One-Day Pass, or $9 for a Two-Day Pass, available as an online-exclusive deal for use on two consecutive days. Children 4 and under, seniors, and SEPTA Pass and Key holders can ride for FREE. PHLASH passes can be purchased online, at any Visitor Center location, or on-board the vehicle with cash only and exact change.

Does the PHLASH have a Lost & Found?

If you think you left a belonging on a PHLASH vehicle, please call the Independence Visitor Center, (800) 537-7676, and report the missing item to a Visitor Services Representative.

How do I get to attractions in Fairmount Park, like the Philadelphia Zoo or Please Touch Museum, aboard the PHLASH?

To access the Philadelphia Zoo or Please Touch Museum on the PHLASH, board the transfer vehicle to the Philadelphia Zoo & Please Touch Museum Loop at the Transfer Stop located at the Perelman Building. You can ride the PHLASH Downtown Loop to the Transfer Stop and transfer for access to the Zoo & Please Touch Museum Loop that connects back to the Downtown Loop at the Transfer Stop. All-day passes incur no additional fee to ride the Philadelphia Zoo & Please Touch Museum Loop.

Is the PHLASH wheelchair accessible?

Yes, all PHLASH vehicles are wheelchair accessible with a lift and provide wheelchair securement.

Is the PHLASH temperature-controlled?

Yes, all PHLASH vehicles offer air conditioning during the warmer season and heat during the colder months.

Do I need to alert the PHLASH driver when I want to get off at my stop?

The PHLASH stops at each of the 19 stops along its route, so there is no need to alert the driver. Simply stand when the vehicle stops moving and make your way to one of the exits. PHLASH only picks up and drops off riders at its 19 stop locations.

Does the purchase of a PHLASH pass allow for discounts?

The PHLASH offers a Park & Ride program that offers discounted daily parking rates at five Philadelphia Parking Authority garages. To redeem, present your valid PHLASH pass from the current day to the garage management office before exiting the garage. You must enter the garage after 9:00 a.m. and exit by 7:00 p.m. to receive the discount. View participating garages, corresponding PHLASH stops, and their daily rates* below: Stops 3 and 21: AutoPark at Independence Mall, 5th & Market Streets: $14.00 Stop 4: Parkade on 8th Street, 801 Filbert Street: $11.00 Stop 4: AutoPark at The Fashion District, 10th & Filbert Streets: $11.00 Stop 14: AutoPark at Jefferson, 10th & Ludlow streets: $11.00 Stop 16: AutoPark at 2nd & Sansom Streets: $11.00 (*Rates are subject to change)

Are strollers permitted on the PHLASH?

Collapsible strollers are permitted to board the PHLASH at the driver's discretion. Riders must collapse the stroller before boarding.

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